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DIY Rental FAQ

Please read carefully

When do we pick up the DIY equipment and when do we return it

All of our rental pricing includes pick up the day before and return the day after your event.  If your event is on a Saturday, then the return is on Monday, and there is no additional charge for this.  If you prefer to pick up the rental the day of your event, that's fine too but it does not change the cost of the rental. We are closed on Sunday so pick up or return is not available on this day. Late returns beyond the required return date will be charged at $20.00 per day unless otherwise agreed upon.

How do we know what time to pick up and return the rental

We contact you one week prior to your rental date to schedule an exact pick up time with you.  This will be somewhere between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM the day prior to your event, or the day of your event if you prefer (excluding Sunday). The scheduled time will be one that is convenient for you, and us. Return is anytime between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM the day after your event (excluding Sunday). Return time is at your convenience however, an email or call letting us know that day is great.

How many hours are included with our DIY rental

On a rental where we deliver, set up and return the system, there is no time limit but we do require pre-determined delivery and pick up times.  If you are doing a pick-up and return rental with us, there is no time limit on how long you can use the system as long as it is returned on the scheduled return date.

 I have no experience at setting up a sound system so should I still consider pick up & return

Most of our systems are designed around the novice renter with little to no experience. They take about 15 minutes to set up and will easily fit in most small to mid-size vehicles. Even if you have never set up or used a sound system before, no problem. We will show you everything you need to know in a matter of 10-15 minutes and have you on your way. Set up and use instruction is included in the price of your rental.

 How does the delivery & return service work

Our set up and return service offers a great convenience for many of our customers. With this service, one of our professional technicians will bring the system to your location, set it up, meet with you or your DJ to show you how to use it, and come back at the conclusion of your event to take the system down and return it. Our standard fee for this is $150.00 for most of our system rentals. We do have additional charges for set up in downtown St. Louis hotels and we currently do not offer delivery service to any location in Illinois.

Does the DIY rental include music? Can I use my iPod, iPhone or laptop to play my music

Music is only included with our DJ packages. You are responsible for your own music with any DIY rental. All of our rentals include direct hookup cables so you can easily play music from your iPods, iPhones and/or laptop computers. You can even hook up a CD player, turntable or tape deck if you like. Most of our customer just create a Spotify playlist and use that for the music.

Are your systems Bluetooth compatible

Some of our system are Bluetooth compatible.  We offer a multi media player option for those systems that are not.  For a small additional charge, we include a device built in to the console that offers Bluetooth streaming/pairing.  The device also allows you to play music through an on-board USB drive, SD Card slot and even has a CD drive that can play burned MP3, M4a and WAV recorded files.

What if we get to our event and the system is not working right

All of our system rentals come with on-call technical support and backup. If we delivery and set up the system, on-call service is 100% free. If you are doing a pick up and return rental, back-up service is also 100% free provided the problem is not a set-up error on your part. If our tech arrives and finds that you hooked up the system wrong, we will charge you $100.00 for the service call. Rentals outside of the St. Louis area are at your own risk as we do not offer tech service anywhere but within St. Louis & St. Louis metro.  We are available for call assistance but not on-site tech assistance. Phone assistance is always free.

Are we responsible if the equipment gets damaged during the rental

You are 100% responsible for negligent damage, such as a drink spilled on the equipment, something dropped or knocked over and broken or damaged. Pushing the system beyond its limitations is considered system abuse! Any damage it causes will be your responsibility in repair costs. If you are not sure which system is appropriate for your type and size of event, let us help you. You are also 100% responsible for any damaged caused during transport, while holding, or theft. If your event is outdoors, direct sunlight can be damaging to the system.  We highly recommend keeping the system under a covered or shaded area. You will also be fully responsible for any weather related damage to the system.

Do we have to provide anything for the set-up

Yes, you will need a sturdy banquet table to set the system up on.  Most banquet facilities will gladly provide you with this however, if not, we offer 4-foot equipment table rentals for $10.00

What information do we need to provide to secure a rental

1. Your current physical home address (no P.O. Boxes)

2. Your personal cell phone number and email address 
3. A copy of your valid driver’s license at the time of pick up (you must be at least 18) 
4. Proof of current and valid automobile insurance (we will not release the equipment without this)
5. What you intend to use the rental for 
6. Name of location where the equipment will be used

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