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Booking your St. Louis DJ, Ceremony or DIY event

How Do I Book The Service I Want With You

Just Get In Touch with us at any time by clicking on the "Contact Us" button. From this page, you can ask questions, get a price quote or even move forward with securing our service for your date. We make booking our service simple, and we reply to our customer inquiries very quickly, so you will get the answers you need right away. 

What Is The Deposit And When Is The Balance Due

We require a $150.00 security deposit for our DJ service. For DIY services the deposit varies from $75.00 to $150.00 depending on the rental. The deposit amount is applied to the total cost of the service you book. The balance for any service is due by no later than 1 week prior to your event date. Please note that all deposits are non-refundable.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept

We send our deposit and balance invoices through Paypal directly to your email address. You can then use your credit or debit card to pay the invoice. Paypal excepts almost all forms of credit and debit cards and you do not need a Paypal account to pay the invoice on line through Paypal.

Please note that we have a 3.5% service charge fee for payments made by way of debit or credit card, which is exactly what Paypal charges us.

If you prefer, you can print out the invoice and mail it to us with a personal check, money order or cashiers check and avoid the service fee. Our payment address will be stated at the top of the invoice. For security reasons, we do not accept phone payments by way of credit or debit card.

Can We Make Monthly Payments For The Service

Yes, we can set up billing cycles on either 1st or 15th of each month if you prefer this. After the initial required deposit, the payment amount is predetermined by you, not us. Whatever amount you are comfortable with is what we would set the monthly payment up for. The invoices will go directly to whatever email address you would like. On the last billing cycle prior to your event date, we will invoice you for the entire remaining balance due.  We have a $2.00 service charge fee per invoice to provide this service plus the 3.5% fee if you pay by debit or credit. For the deposit and final balance invoices, there are no service charge fees. Payments made by way of personal check will have no service fees applied

Are there any hidden charges

Other than the fees applied using a debit or credit card for the deposit and/or balance payments, No, once you have paid your deposit there are no hidden charges you will be faced with.  There are some locations where we have travel or access fees, but you will know this, and the exact amount, before committing to our service with a deposit. The only thing our prices do not include is DJ gratuity. We always consider gratuity as optional on your part, but of course it's always appreciated.

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